Love Seaweed is a speculative design platform which approaches climate change activism with a sense of play


Why Seaweed?

Because seaweed and algae might save the world.
Out with fossil fuels and million-year-old plastic,
in with algae, seaweed and science.



Grow Chlorella Kit

Discover the visceral, playful qualities of Chlorella Vulgaris algae. It’s not just slimy green stuff, it’s a valuable organism for combating climate change and you can grow a colony of your very own. It’s been likened to growing kombucha, a houseplant or having a pet fish, but it’s got a myriad of uses beyond just looking pretty.

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The Making of Love Seaweed

Love Seaweed is more than it seems. It is the product of countless discussions, reading, drawings, diagrams, meetings, seaweed-foraging missions, sleepless nights, big ideas, abandoned ideas, brainstorms, presentations, science experiments in the backyard and trusting the process.

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